Friday, May 02, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

I generally avoid asking questions to which I don't know, or might not like, the answer. So it was a mistake to scratch an itch tonight that had been bothering me for some time.

AJ has been chatting away at breakfast about how wonderful and funny Jeremy Clarkson is. This is all the more galling as I'm no 'petrolhead' myself, proof of which is that I drive a 2002 Hyundai Accent 1.3, a car which has yet to feature on Top Gear (unless it was one of the vehicles launched at a caravan in a quarry in one of the show's more nihilistic episodes).

So I casually asked AJ whilst we were watching the show tomight - "AJ, who would you prefer as your Daddy - Daddy, or Jeremy Clarkson?" "Jeremy Clarkson" he fired back.

"And if it was between Daddy and Richard Hammond?" "The Hamster" he replied, showing an impressive grasp of the programme's argot for a 6-year old. "And Daddy and James May?" I asked weakly. I think you can see where this was going.

"What about if you had to choose between Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May?" I asked. "Now that is a tricky one" AJ said, not making me feel any better by the length of time he took to weigh up the various candidates. "Definitely Jeremy Clarkson - he knows all about fast cars."

Taking pity on me, however, he added - I suppose I could have two daddies - you and Jeremy Clarkson". Honour was restored.


Martin said...

Ah! How pleasing it is to discover, in this ever-changing world, that the old adage of "Ask a silly question...." remains as valid today as it has ever been. Smart work AJ!

Always remember:-

"As we journey through life, discarding baggage along the way, we should keep an iron grip, to the very end, on the capacity for silliness. It preserves the soul from desiccation."

Humphrey Lyttleton, 1921-2008.

miketually said...

My eldest isn't speaking to me until she's 54. Frankly, 49.5 years of peace and quiet seem quite appealing.

In reality, she lasted almost 30 second before speaking again. I believe that this is a Personal Best.

cllr mark burton said...

There was trauma and tears this morning as my youngest (9 years old) thought her new school skirt was far too long. She said she looked like a nun. Eventually she when to school… only after I took her in the car, dressed in a winter coat… in this heat!