Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lascelles Green Fair

I attended my first official engagement as Cabinet Member for Sustainable Communities and Climate Change (perhaps the most unwieldy portfolio title anywhere in local government?) when AJ and I went along to the Green Fair at Dodmire Junior School on Saturday.

It was extremely well-attended - at least 100 adults and kids were there supporting the initiative. Local allotment holders had a stall of fresh produce, and there were plants for sale too. There was face painting and badge making for the kids, and a free fruit stall.

There was lots of interest in how the Council and partners are taking forward the environmental agenda, and residents collected extra green boxes for cans and bottles, and sturdy bags for garden waste too. Officers were on hand to answer questions. About 15 children joined a member of the Groundwork team on a nature hunt to seek out and identify local flora and fauna.

It's not an area I know particularly well, so it was very good of Cllr. Jackie Maddison to show me round Lascelles and Eastbourne Parks. A huge amount has been achieved here over the last few years by the ward councillors working together with the local Community Partnerships and Residents' Groups, including brand new allotments (with a nature area), play areas and a cafe. There's still lots of ambition to achieve more, however, and it's all a testimony to what strong local partnerships really can achieve.

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