Thursday, May 01, 2008

Camerons' BNP Shame

The Wheatsheaf pub in Chilton this afternoon.

Not the Tory Leader this time, but the brewing giant which owns amongst others, the Wheatsheaf in Chilton.

I was in the ward at tea-time helping with the effort to maximise the vote for Labour's 2 excellent candidates. I stood open-mouthed when I saw that the Wheatsheaf's windows were festooned with BNP posters. I understand that they had been up all day, so it wasn't the case that some far-right sympathisers had slapped them up at the last minute. It would appear that the management have far right sympathies, and are flaunting that fact.

But what of Camerons, the titular managers of the pub? Tonight, I've sent the Managing Director the following letter;

Dear Sir,

I was astonished that the Camerons-owned pub in Chilton was today actively promoting the British National Party in the Durham Unitary elections.

BNP posters and leaflets decorated the windows. The sympathies of the management could not have been clearer.

Of course it is not unusual for some pubs and clubs to be associated with mainstream parties in the UK. As you will be aware, however, the BNP is not a mainstream party - it was spawned from the Neo-Nazi Right in the 1980's. Leading members have denied that the Holocaust occurred, and advocate a "racially-pure" Britain. Their policies are openly racist, stating that non-white people can never be British.

At a time when North East community leaders, including the Bishop of Durham Tom Wright, our Premiership football clubs and Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson are all urging the electorate to reject the politics of hate, I am very surprised that Camerons is allowing its premises to be used in this way.

I hope that you will take this matter up, so the sorry sight of a Camerons' pub promoting the racist far right will not be seen again. I look forward to hearing what action the brewery intends to take.

Yours faithfully, etc.

I'll post again on this when I receive a reply...


Anonymous said...

The posters in the Wheatsheaf were actually displayed for a few days, as they also did last year. It is intimidating for people who would normally go into the pub to see politics so high on the agenda when people just want to relax in a traditional local pub atmosphere. Aswell as the pub, BNP put their promotional signs up outside their traditional recruiting grounds of the local factories and about as high as they could outside on the lampposts outside the polling station so they couldnt be removed. Im glad to say that some of them ended up in the hedgerow.

Not in my name. Not in my village please.

Darlington Councillor said...

Many thanks for the comment, anonymous.

In my letter, I directed the MD of Camerons to this site, so I hope that the management will see your comments and reflect on them. They indicate that the situation is if anything worse than I had appreciated.