Sunday, April 13, 2008

A really good start

Another pic from the Head of Steam opening last week.

I got the attendance figures on Friday for the first week of the revamped Head of Steam - Darlington Railway Museum.

Nearly 4,500 people came through the doors during the free weekend, and the comments from visitors were very positive. We've had over 5,000 people visitors now (bear in mind that it closes on Mondays). I'm really pleased that over 100 individuals or families bought annual passes - for only £10 a year for single or £15 for family annual membership, you can come as often as you want during the year, and they represent great value for money.

A host of free children's activities and workshops will continue throughout the Easter school holidays, involving spring crafts, Piggy Bank building and Roman Soldiers. Get yourself along!

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Anonymous said...

Nick, Perhaps to advertise the "head of steam" you could reposition your £10.000 Stone Bridge sign! (correct me if I am wrong but, it was you that got the sign) Its cost was unpopular then and even more so now, perhaps you could have it at the museum saying "Disabled people did once work here" or some other fitting phrase to show the pulic what a caring council DBC is, Or perhaps just showing the entrance fee letting the passers by know we have the only railway museum that charges in the country, just a couple of thoughts for your sign the others are not printable.