Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Patio Heaters and Chelsea Tractors

The latest edition of Northern Decision Makers is now available online. This month, Graham and I interview Fiona Hall, LibDem MEP for the North East, and respected political commentator Chris Lloyd from the Northern Echo.

The second half of the programme is given over to an interview with Vinay Bedi, divisional director of Brewin Dolphin, the UK’s largest client portfolio manager, looking after a whopping £21 billion of investments. He's very good, and puts both Graham and I in our places as we trot out our opposing political lines regarding the credit crunch.

Our favourite bit of the show occurs between 7 minutes 30 sec and 10 minutes 30 sec - check it out for yourselves.....


miketually said...

Graham's comment on his freedom to own a patio heater is interesting. Often we hear about peoples' freedom to drive their car or to take short haul flights, but it's often forgotten that the freedom comes at a price and that it is the poorest who will pay that price.

Are the speed bumps in Middleton St George so bad that residents need Freelanders to get into Darlington?

Anonymous said...

So can I have a patio heater in my Hummer?

Martin said...

In my view Graham should be ashamed of both his patio heater and his Freelander!

Still, he will shortly have an opportunity to redeem himself of course; the forthcoming completion of the DETC will mean he can cycle from his home to his office almost entirely off-road. I hope he chooses to do so. No doubt Dave would like that too!

(PS. Technical note - I didn't find it at all easy to find Part 2 of the programme having watched Part 1. I had to use the search function on the website to find it. Might be worth looking at that point.)