Friday, March 21, 2008

Newsletter of the Year

Mark receives his award from Minister for the North East, Nick Brown MP.

It's been a while since I blogged properly, so apologies to Cllr. Mark Burton in Harrowgate Hill that I failed to post on his success in winning the 'Newsletter of the Year' at the Labour Party Regional awards in Sunderland.

Competition amongst the various Constituency Labour Parties is stronger for this award than any other, so it was a real feather in Mark's cap, as well as some reflected glory for Darlington CLP too.

For those of you who haven't seen Mark's Little Red Rosette, you can do so here. I've been shoving newsletters through letterboxes all over the country for the best part of thirty years, and Mark's newsletter is the most professional and informative that I've come across. It's completely unlike a traditional flyer from a politician, and all the better for it. Mark's setting the bar very high for the rest of the Labour Group here in Darlington.


miketually said...

Mark's newletter is very well put together.

The website is also a great example of how politicians can engage with the public.

Aeres said...

Agreed. Mark has been a breath of fresh air in Harrowgate Hill in terms of engagement with the public.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Harrowgate Hill it is very satisfying to report a councillor who does try to keep in touch with his public.

It really begs the question as to why other Councillors especially those in our so-called Cabinet do not have similar mechanisms and then the phrase "Talking Together "
might be more than a dream

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks for the comments Aeres and Mike.

As for anonymous - well, Labour Cabinet members, like the rest of the Labour Group, have their own ways of communicating with residents. It so happens that Mark's approach, in my opinion, is particularly successful because he is very adept at harnassing new technology, and he works very hard on his communication strategy. Hence my comment that we all have something to learn from him, although no one councillor has the "Holy Grail" as far as this important area of a councillor's role is concerned.

In Haughton West we've tended in the part to rely on regular Street Surgeries and the slightly less regular newsletters, together with our high profile and popular ASDA surgeries.

With the demise of our slot at the front of the store, Andy, David and myself have had a long hard look at our communication strategy, and come up with a number of fresh ideas - the Ward Health Check is just one of them. This blog plays a role too, as does the e-newsletter, to which over 50 households have signed up now.

Expect further developments over the next couple of months...