Friday, March 28, 2008

The King's Church Centre

To the King's Church Centre this morning, to open a conference for members of the voluntary sector on the law relating to health and safety and food hygiene, organised by the Council's environmental health team. It was good to see so many people there.

Afterwards, I was kindly given a tour of the building. You probably know it as the former NAAFI on Whessoe Road. The project is an excellent example of the great work church members do day in, day out to support the people of Darlington.

As well as having an impressive worship hall, the Centre has a furniture re-use scheme - basically, they will collect donated furniture for nothing, which they then make available via their warehouse for no more than £10. I know from my days as a field social worker that schemes like this are a lifeline for those most in need, particularly hard-pressed families. The only items they can't deal with are electricals.

They are also part of the Christians Against Poverty scheme, whereby people with unsustainable debts can receive support. The organisation provides a debt councselling service, together with practical assistance, negotiating with the credit agencies to find a way forward for the individual concerned. You can read more about their work here. The CAP office at the Centre is closed at the moment, but they are hoping to get it up-and-running again soon.

I hope in the future you will consider giving their furniture scheme your support - I certainly will. You can contact them on 469884.


Kelvin McCartney-Marsh said...

It is always good to receive such positive comments from local councillors and to have the work of our many volunteers recognised. The furniture scheme is currently open for viewings on Tuesdays and Fridays 10.00am - 2.45pm. For further information you can also go to

Ian White, said...

Kevin if you want I will link your site to mine if it helps. let me or Nick know.