Saturday, March 29, 2008

Head of Steam

The final leg of my travels yesterday was to the Head of Steam project in North Road to keep an eye on progress. I know that some people have been concerned that the 'old' title of the museum was being lost, but in fact the Council is incorporating that into the name of the new venue - Head of Steam - Darlington Railway Museum.

AJ joined me for a lookaround. All the major building and decoration work has been completed, and the trains set on the rails. Over the next few days, the work to put up the information boards and install the interactive displays will be undertaken. The centre is due to be formally opened on Friday, and the general public can come in for a special free day on Saturday between 10am and 4pm.

Entertainment for the weekend includes live music, street theatre, South Durham dog agility, stiltwalking, face painting, wall climbing, actors and story tellers, workshops and mad science shows. You can also see the spectacular Tornado steam train, built in Darlington, before it heads off to Loughborough for main line testing.

Head of Steam - Darlington Railway Museum preserves the wealth of material that will interest anyone with a passion for the history of the railways, but now combines this with lots to do for families who simply want to browse. Some innovative ticketing arrangements will encourage families to come back again and again. I can't wait for next weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Have the disabled people who worked in the cafe there got their jobs back yet?