Saturday, March 15, 2008

Exclusive Alan Milburn Interview

The latest Northern Decision Makers programme is now live on the Broadband tv channel. We've given over the entire show to an exclusive interview with Alan Milburn, MP for Darlington and leading player in the Tony Blair administration. Alan turns down many interview requests from mainstream shows like the Today programme and Newsnight, so this booking was quite a coup for Graham and myself.

The questioning ranges over the current state of British politics, and Alan's legacy as a reforming Secretary of State for Health. The subject matter was so interesting that we allowed the show to run for 40 minutes rather than the usual 20, and so have split the programme into 2 on the site. As I'm sure you know already, Alan is a class act, who is doing some important thinking on what should be Labour's future policy direction, and it is a criminal waste that he is languishing on the backbenches.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. We incorporated some viewers' questions into Alan's grilling, so look out for those. Many thanks to Recognition PR's production team, including producer Andrew Lambert, who have done a first class professional job once more with the filming and editing.

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Ian White, said...


That about sums it up. Only seems to come home when there is a major issue for the townsfolk he allegedly represents, like trolley dancing or pigeon poo.

What of the Human rights issue at the Railway Museum? he doesn't seem keen on that!

What of the 9:30 bus travel everyone seems unhappy about, wheres the money gone, Gordon Brown states he gave EVERY council enough money to cover that?

You say "as always your comments and suggestions are welcome" so heres one.....

Alan, sort out the bus pass time issue!