Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't have nightmares...

Via my colleague Cllr. Mark Burton, who is on the Police Community Consultative Group, I have the most recent crime stats for the East section of Darlington, which includes Haughton West.

They are;

Anti Social Behaviour; 9820 (down 10.9% on last year) - per head of 1000 pop 237.
Violent reported crime; 399 (down 10.1% on last year) - per head of 1000 pop 16.4.
Violence against a person; 365 (down 6.2% on last year) - per head of 1000 pop 15.
Burglary of a dwelling; 117 (down 15.2% on last year) - per head of 1000 pop 11.2.
Burglary other; 174 (down 28.7% on last year) - per head of 1000 pop 18.4
Vehicle crime; 445 (down 34.8% on last year) - per head of 1000 pop 18.3.
Theft of a motor vehicle; 126 (down 2.3% on last year) - per head of 1000 pop 5.2.
Theft from a motor vehicle; 319 (down 42.3% on last year) - per head of 1000 pop 13.1.
Vehicle criminal damage; 309 (down 37.0% on last year) - per head of 1000 pop 12.5.
Vehicle interference; 33 (down 29.8% on last year) - per head of 1000 pop 1.4.

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) is still one of the most reported types of incidents to the Police. Darlington has received a total of 31,760 incidents of ASB for the year to date (April 07 to January 08).

This is broken down by section, (but not by ward area) as follows;

Darlington Centre had 5,092 incidents (319 per 1000 head of population).
Cockerton had 7,175 incidents (238 per 1000 head of population).
North Road had 9,673 incidents (381 per 1000 head of population).
East Area had 9,820 incidents (238 per 1000 head of population)
ASB is a name given to a wide range of low-level crime, which can affect the quality of life for whole communities. This can have a demoralising effect on residents who live in these areas. The following are examples of ASB; intimidating gatherings of young people in a public place; intimidation; alcohol and solvent abuse; drug abuse; riding motorcycles on footpaths or public open spaces; large gatherings of youths on skateboards/roller blades; littering; graffiti; verbal abuse; criminal damage; noise nuisance, begging and assault.
Whole Town - April 2007 through to January 2008;

Anti Social Behaviour; 31,760
Violent reported crime; 1,571
Violence against a person; 1,429
Burglary of a dwelling; 374
Burglary other; 550
Vehicle crime; 1,218
Theft of a motor vehicle; 346
Theft from a motor vehicle; 872
Vehicle criminal damage; 916
Vehicle interference; 92

So what deductions can we draw from these dry statistics? Clearly, ASB is easily the number one problem in Darlington, dwarfing other reported crime. Anyone who has been following the difficulties residents recently experienced in the Belsay Gardens area of Haughton West here will be aware of that. At the same time, the Police and the Council's wardens have developed a proactive response when a particular area is the focus of ASB, which certainly seemed to be effective in dealing with the problems we had in Springfield. I know that our local MP Alan Milburn is working with the Police on this matter.

We should also acknowledge, however, the significant success the Police have had in driving down crime, both locally here in Haughton and town-wide. Across every indicator of local crime, the figures are well down on last year - in the case of vehicle related crime and burglary, significantly so.

I would hope that in the next 12 months the Police redouble their efforts to sort out their communication problems, addressing the difficulties residents continue to have ringing the 0845 6060 365 non-emergency number. That will do a great deal to underpin confidence in Durham Constabulary across the town.


Ian White, said...

So Nick is it not time we increased the punishment for these little angels?
They know they are relatively untouchable and unless the punishment is increased to a deterant level they will keep getting drunk and drugged up and behaving this way.
I dont know all the answers but I do know from what I read and see in the press the ASBO to them is a joke.
Perhaps the birch would not be so funny?

Anonymous said...

The figures might almost have been believable untl you mentioned that Alan Milburn is working with Police over this matter. Since when has Milburn done anything for this town? And since when can we belive anything that he says?

Darlington Councillor said...

Anonymous - as I think I have made clear in the past, this blog is not a place for unsubstantiated allegations against named individuals made by anonymous posters.

I have therefore deleted the last comment.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if your readers know that Julie Jone's failed Conservative candidate for Hurworth and Parish Councillor has "grassed" up FIVE fellow Council members to the standards board!

Anonymous said...

When did this mad woman become the village's "protector" thank god she was crap at the polling station, although she blamed everyone else for her loosing it was people didn't trust her. Personaly I think she has kissed her political career good bye!
Nick, perhaps when someone gives you good information next time you will not be so fast to dismiss it.