Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Have you heard of wugging? I hadn't, until I received an email from an old friend from City of Durham CLP Vin McIntyre, who I first met when I joined the party back in the late 80's.

Vin is a committed activist in the Palestinian cause, and is a trustee of the Durham Palestine Education Trust. The Trust, founded in 1983, aims to aid the social and economic development of Palestine by raising money to finance 2 scholarships each year at Durham University for young Palestinian graduates to do Masters degrees. The skills and experience they gain here benefits hundreds if not thousands of other Palestinians on their return home. You can see more about them here.

They have no corporate sponsors so they must raise £22,000 a year by individual subscriptions and their own fundraising efforts. In just over 2 years, they have received nearly £3,000 from, a search engine like Google but one which donates 50% of its advertising revenues to charities, in proportion to the use made of Everyclick by each charity’s supporters. It's called wugging - web use giving - and, so far, Everyclick has given away £400,000 to charities - just for their supporters searching the web!

Vin points out that only a handful of charities in Darlington seem to have cottoned on to the opportunities for wugging. It's early days clearly, but Darlington First Stop has 7 fundraisers who have raised £7, Age Concern which has 4 wuggers and has raised £7, DAD which has 2 fundraisers and has raised £2 and St Teresa's Hospice whose 9 fundraisers have gathered £36.

There are 116 charities listed with a Darlington link, so if you're interested, there's plenty of choice out there. As you can see from the sidebar, henceforward I'll be supporting the West Durham and Darlington Groundwork Trust (of which I'm a Board Member) when I need a search engine. The Groundwork Trust do great work in Darlington, helping bring environmental projects to fruition whilst empiowering local communities.

If you're interested in supporting Groundwork too, or maybe picking a charity of your own, go to Vin's Durham Palestine Education Trust site here, and put 'Darlington' in the search box at the top of the page. You can take it from there!

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