Sunday, February 03, 2008

Talking Together

The Talking Together roadshow trundled into Whinfield Primary School this week. Attendance was very good, and with the Council actively consulting on next year's budget, a delegation of residents from Sadberge and Bishopton came along to voice their concerns about the removal of the council-subsidised bus service.

During the Q & A session, queries were also raised about a bus station for Darlington, and the Council's activity programme for young people. Of particular relevance for me as a ward councillor were complaints about the activities of the company that operates the wood chipper on Albert Hill. I have been responding to concerns about this recently from another resident, but it would appear that matters are not getting any better.

Director Paul Wildsmith, whilst acknowledging that a lot of work had already gone into trying to deal with the problem, promised to review the issue personally from an officer perspective. I'm sure that this will be an issue I will be returning to again in the near future.

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