Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Seldom Seen Kid

Have you seen this man?

Has there been a less-auspicious start to a PPC's career than that of the Tories' Darlington candidate Edward Legard? The Yorkshire baronet's son, who the Darlington Future website in a delicious Freudian slip called Edward Legrand, hasn't been heard of since he was selected last month. Nothing in the Echo, or even the rural Tories' house weekly, the dear old Darlington and Stockton Times.

In contrast, the LibDems' Mike Barker is making a lot of noise - spouting a lot of nonsense, as one might expect, but still raising the profile of his party.

So what's up? One of my colleagues reports that Captain Legwarmer has been spotted in Darlington in the company of a senior local Tory, who appeared to be faintly embarrassed about his new PPC. That can't be right, can it??


Mike Barker said...

In the words of the immortal Arthur Askey, "I thank you!"

Darlington Councillor said...
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Anonymous said...

Why Councillor Willis are you quic to decry others ?

A Conservative MP for Darlington might do more for the town than Alan Milburn who seems to cost the taxpayer a small fortune but I see very little evidence of what he is doing for his constituency.He seems more interested in taking consultancy payments than doing an honest job.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Tory candidate should remain anonymous and that way all the anonymous people could remain anonymous and do anonymous things, like anonymously pick someone anonymous to stand as a candidate, which anonymous people could anonymously think anonymously about... perhaps?

Your.. emmm o' what the heck... anonymous

Ian White, said...


Alan "it's bad for you, oh no, its good for you if your paying, its the real thing Coke" Milburn isn't exactly noted for the about town look.

Perhaps people in glass houses!

Darlington Councillor said...

Firstly, Ian, Alan does have to spend the majority of his time at Westminster - obviously that's a key element of being an MP.

Secondly, as you will heve seen in the Echo and Advertiser week in week out, Alan plays a key role in the town, whether most recently it's the Darlington Assembly or campaigning to make Darlington a university town.