Sunday, February 03, 2008

ASB in Springfield

Fresh reports have been sent to me of further anti-social behaviour problems in Springfield, and in particular in the Belsay Walk and Corbridge Crescent area of the ward.

I've emailed the Police and the wardens, and given that there have been drink-fuelled difficulties on the site of the old Springfield Primary School again, I've asked for feedback from the Council's CCTV operators. as the camera in Nightingale Avenue was sited to deter problems in the vicinity.

In the meantime, David, Andy and myself will have a street surgery in the area to listen to the views of other residents. After a lot of hard work by all the agencies dealt with this problem last year, we don't want past difficulties creeping back in 2008.

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miketually said...

As you know, we're not far from Corbridge Crescent and there have been a lot of empty vodka bottles broken on the path opposite our house over the last few weeks.