Sunday, January 13, 2008

Skerningham Community Woodland

Late notice, I'm afraid, but there's an important meeting tomorrow night at Whinfield Primary School at 6.30pm regarding the Skerningham Community Woodland and the setting up of a 'Friends' group.

The Tees Valley Forest project has been involved in land around Skerningham Manor, and that this has been planted as a community woodland for public benefit for sometime now. As part of North East Community Forests, they own and manage part of this land for public access. Skerningham is of course a stone's throw away from Haughton and Whinfield, and very accessible.

In conjunction with DBC's countryside team they are proposing to form a 'Friends' group to help develop the site with community support and input. Anyone interested in being part of this exciting project is very welcome!

You can see more about the Tees Forest initiative here.


miketually said...

I know it's not strictly your area anymore, although it might come under health and leisure, but some decent bike parking at the forest would be great. We were there for a walk with the kids last weekend and had to lock the two bikes and the trailer to the wire fence, so anyone with some wire cutters could have easily nicked them.

The plantation is a great local resource, and it would be brilinat if people could get to it without driving.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks, Mike.

I raised this at the meeting of the Skerningham Friends last night with the officers. The point was sympathetically received, and I will follow it up as provision at the community woodland develops.

miketually said...

Thanks Nick.