Sunday, January 27, 2008

One Life

Recently, I joined the One Life scheme at the Dolphin Centre.

As Cabinet Member for Health and Leisure, I want to walk the walk as far as a healthier lifestyle is concerned. How effective are measures to help people deal with weight loss or probelms with exercise, for example?

So just before Christmas I got myself down to my doctor's, and perhaps not surprisingly, (ahem) was found to meet the criteria for a referral onto the scheme.

One Life is a partnership arrangement between the Council and the local Primary Care Trust (PCT). It offers a 12 week programme at the Pulse Suite in the Dolphin Centre, with a programme tailored to meet the particular circumstances of each participant. Exercise, diet and general lifestyle issues are all addressed.

I was particularly impressed with the standard of training and advice provided by the Dolphin Centre staff. All are qualified, and I was offered the kind of guidance and attention you'd be hard pressed to find at Bannantyne's or David Lloyds.

The only cost is the reduced entry fee to the Pulse Suite of £1.50 per session. You can read more about the scheme here. I'll keep you updated on progress.

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miketually said...

Good luck with the programme. We had some guided tours of the Dolphin Centre a couple of years ago and I was really impressed with the set-up for the GP referal gym.

I'm in 'training' too, for a 12 hour mountain bike race in July.