Monday, January 21, 2008

Northern Decision Makers

An exciting new tv internet programme kicks off this coming weekend, with the debut of Northern Decision Makers.

A monthly current affairs programme filmed especially for the net, it will take a specifically North East slant at the world of politics and public affairs. The first show promises to be a cracker, concentrating on transport and a review of the political landscape here in the North East, with upcoming key elections for the new unitary councils in Durham and Northumberland. Guests will include Tory North East champion and former MP Michael Bates, and Dr Simon Henig, politics academic and Labour deputy leader of Chester-le-Street Borough Council.

The show is being produced by Recognition PR, co-owned by Graham Robb, the Conservative's candidate in the recent Sedgefield by-election. Graham will be hosting the show with yours truly, (playing Michael Portillo to my Diane Abbott?). It promises to be a lively show - neither Graham nor I are short of opinions - and there should be plenty of debating points to chew over as well as the usual political banter.

Recognition's broadbandtv Channel can be found here. The show will go live on air soon after we've recorded it on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I can't access it....... :)

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks - yes, Graham dropped me a line too. I've amended the link.

dadge said...

Not bad at all. Shame it looks like you're sitting in a waiting room. At least put the sofa further away from the wall.

2. "It's a marathon, not a sprint"??? Puh-lease, Nick. Anyone who's having problems isn't interested in whether Gordon's sorted his vision out yet. Haven't Labour been in power for over ten years?

3. You're right to push the point that the papers are overplaying the crime levels.

4. Afaiaa, the north-east conurbation has the densest road transport network in Britain. So, maybe there are a few blackspots but you won't get much sympathy from the rest of the country.

dadge said...

btw, just realised that you're the Diane Abbott of the duo! lol, Adrian