Sunday, January 27, 2008

Internet TV Debut

The first edition of Northern Decision Makers is in the can, and now out on the net.

The programme is the only internet-based show that deals exclusively with current affairs here in the North East. And rather than have presenters with covert political agendas, NDM has as its hosts two people who wear their politics on their sleeves.

Filming took the best part of the morning, but went remarkably smoothly. The show involves moving seamlessly between autocued script and ad-libbed question, which professionals make look easy but believe me is a tricky exercise. Fortunately, Graham Robb employs some seriously professional media staff at his Recognition firm, and we had the use of their new tv studio. Particular thanks go to the very patient camera people, and the producer and director Andrew Lambert.

Our guests on the first programme are transport expert Jonathan Spruce, and to review the North East political scene leading figures Michael Bates for the Tories and Cllr. Simon Henig for Labour.

Check it out for yourselves - the programme is only 20 minutes long, and can be found here. Graham and I would be delighted to have feedback, which you can either send to me via the messageboard below, or to Graham via his website. Next edition in February.

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