Monday, December 03, 2007

Nominations for Tory 'sacrificial lamb' close

I see from the Conservative Home website that nominations for the Tory PPC for Darlington at the next election closed on Thursday.

The comments to the post are instructive - for all the huffing and puffing by the Tories in what has admittedly been a bad few weeks for Labour, they regard Darlington as a 'no hope' seat, on a par with Sedgefield and Middlesbrough (it's in 'tranche 5, phase 3' of their process) . Remember, for a long time Darlington was seen as a marginal seat, and keenly fought over by both the main parties. It's evidence of the mountain the Tories have to climb if they're to form a majority next time.

My sources suggest that a local candidate is favourite to get the nomination. Given the poor chances the party seems to think it has in Darlington, little wonder that they can't attract a talented young thruster from elsewhere.


Anonymous said...


Please define "young thruster" I might fancy the job I just have no idea what you are on about "tranche 5" it sounds like an ointment for piles, which leads me swiftly back to the Conservative's!

Was this in the job centre?,I didn't see it, however I would need an expense package equal to pepsi boys before I could consider it....

Who do I apply to?

Darlington Councillor said...

Well, I could have chosen "young buck", anonymous - Tory selection committees, and from what we understand especially Tory women thereon, seem to have an in-built default preference for young chinless wonders from the Home Counties on the make. In what should be a key seat for the Tories in Stockton South, up against the formidable campaigner Dari Taylor, they've selected a 23 year old solicitor.

As for the Job Centre - well Mike Barker says on his blog that this is a re-advertisement after a lack of interest last time. That can't be true, can it??

Mike Barker said...

Far be it from me to say anything good about the Tories, but you're wrong about their candidate in Stockton South.
I came across their candidate, James Wharton, in the 2005 General Election when I was the Lib Dem candidate in Stockton South. Yes, he's an ex-public schoolboy (Yarm School), as are some Labour Party members, but he was born and brought up in the constituency. When he was still at University in 2005 he appeared alongside me in public meetings in the constituency, because the Tories wouldn't let their Soap actor candidate, James Gaddas (Corrie and Bad Girls) loose without a script.
Wharton is very strong and is undoubtedly destined for a glittering political career. Indeed, given the fact that he is already in receipt of significant financial support in the constituency and working very hard there, he could push Dari very close in 2009.
Stockton North is interesting too, with the incumbent Labour MP threatening to stand as an independent in 2009 if he is de-selected.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks for that, Mike - I'll make a mental note of Mr Warton for future reference...

Anonymous said...

"little wonder that they can't attract a talented young thruster from elsewhere".

Why would we want one of the above from elsewhere when we have our own talent in Darlington.

But who would they be standing against, surely Milburn will announce he wont be standing again.
So will there be a young thruster from elsewhere or a local; Jenny Chapman perhaps, straight into a cabinet position, gives her a high profile, but then does an excellent impression of a rabbit caught in the headlights when faced with a factual and cogent argument, it was almost funny when Cllr Baldwin jumped to defend her by talking tripe long enough for an officer to tell her what she should already know, mummy didn't look to happy either.

Perhaps Harker who quite dispicably in an answer suggested that a school or other service may not be built or closed down when it was suggested that open space be given back to open space. Just think if there had not been the overspends on recent projects he wouldn't have to asset strip, so perhaps not Harker then, not a safe pair of hands really.

How about your good self, me and Mike Barker, that should be fun.


Darlington Councillor said...

Interesting post, Dave.

Firstly, as you may be aware, Alan has already put himself forward for re-nomination as Labour's candidate at the next election, which was agreed nem con. He will be standing, which is clearly bad news for both the Tories and the LibDems in the town.

Next, you underestimate Jenny Chapamn at your peril. She's one of the brightest prospects for the Party in years, not only in Darlington but across the North East. For sure she needed some officer advice on Thursday - so did a number of us still feeling our way with new portfolios. No shame in accepting an update at the meeting - it simply allowed us to give better informed answers.

As for Steve Harker's reply to your wife - well, he was simply pointing out that if the Council is going to invest in important capital schemes, like the one which transformed the Dolphin Centre, the money has to be raised somehow, and the sale of the land in Pierremont is one way in which that is being achieved. Nothing despicable about that is there - just simple economics.

Finally, no doubt a three-way contest for the Darlington seat between you, me and Mike would be fun - although as I've already pointed out, there's no Labour vacancy, which rules me out. Have you thrown your hat into the ring? I seem to recall that you stood for Veritas (the party led by the bloke with the orange suntan) at the last election in Darlington.

If I was a Tory member, I'd be very tempted to vote for you, just to see what you did in 2015, and whether you could make it a hat-trick by standing for three different parties in three consecutive elections in the same seat! (From what you write, I always thought that UKIP were more natural bedfellows for you).

Anyway, keep us informed.

Anonymous said...

If Labour traitors sign the European Union Constitution/Treaty then the MEP's we vote for in the 2009 EU election will be far more important than the towns next MP. This means the north easts UKIP/BNP MEP's that will get elected, will have more influence on our lives than a Labour or Tory Darlington MP. So who cares whos nominated red or blue !

Anonymous said...


What is your view on the allegations being posted on the Town Liar by Chris Close and the fact that he is now suing the Leader, the Chief Executive, the Borough Solicitor and other senior officers of Darlington Borough Council?