Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Making a crisis out of a drama

For what seems like forever, we've been trying to move house (within the Borough boundary, of course). Finally, a sale and purchase were agreed, with the moving date set for this Thursday.

Then - catastrophe on Monday as we had to pull out of the house we were purchasing in Dinsdale, potentially leaving us homeless by the end of the week, with the sale of our property all agreed.

Fortunately, thanks to the staff at Countrywide Lettings, who proved extremely accommodating (boom, boom) we'll have a roof over our heads on Thursday. Our address will be;

1 The Beeches,
Middleton St. George,
Darlington DL2 1GD.

My home number will be 01325 335365 (as of Thursday pm). My mobile number will continue as at present.

Councillor duties in the ward and wider will of course continue as normal. In the absence of broadband at the house, however, blogging will become rather less frequent, although do keep coming back, as I'll try and blog from the Town Hall.

This wasn't what we wanted immediately before Christmas, but as I pointed out to James, there are many families who are genuinely homeless at this time of year, and we can be thankful for the position we're in. Hopefully, the tree will be up by Sunday!


Anonymous said...

What about all of us homeless British people who have no place to call home now you have give our country to the European Union ?. Roll on the next election, your party will pay a heavy price for this act!

miketually said...

Eh? How has the EU treaty made anyone homeless?

Good luck with the move, Nick.

Ian White, said...

Perhaps thats next on their agenda, where,s our referendum?

Anonymous said...

Miketually - Home was the UK, now its gone after 1000 years, were just an EU province now. Labour Traitors. Roll on the elections in 2008 & 9, it Labour who will be homeless then, turfed out of 10 & 11 Downing Street. Ha Ha Ha. Sinking red ship all of your own making !

miketually said...

*checks out of window*

The UK seems to still be there...

Aeres said...

Quote: "Roll on the elections in 2008 & 9, it Labour who will be homeless then, turfed out of 10 & 11 Downing Street. Ha Ha Ha." - Anonymous

Quote: "Only a couple of hours until we have an elected mayor. Bye bye Labour, Ha Ha Ha!!" - Anonymous

Are all anonymous posters imbeciles or is it the same idiotic anonymous poster each time?

Speaking as somebody who voted for an elected mayor and would rather have liked a referendum on the treaty (and indeed believes that the lack of referendum will come back to haunt Labour) it rather irritates me to see oppositon reduced to such pathetic levels as this. It's not really just you trying to wind people up is it Nick? :-)

miketually said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, called the last one wrong, but with the Sun & Daily Mail on the same side on this one, who knows the outcome this time ?. By the time dithering Gordon realises he has a fight on his hands it may be too late for the sinking red ship.

Tom Stebbings said...

Best wishes Nick, to Sandy, James and A.J.
You will all be missed in the cul-de-sac.
I will miss the friendly banter.

Good luck with your house hunting and thanks to you all for being great neighbours.

Tom Stebbings

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