Monday, December 31, 2007

A day at the races

More hard-earned cash goes west...

I guess we could have more extreme family Christmas rituals. Every year, about now, the Echo is full of half-naked madmen and women cavorting in the waves at Redcar, immediately before being carted off to hospital with hypothermia (they don't tell you that bit).

So three-and-a-half hours freezing at Sedgefield Races is probably getting off lightly. I'm not a racegoer, and coming away anything less than £20 lighter in the wallet I count as a success (excluding the hefty entrance money).

One of my uncles (who did know his horses) used to say dismissively that betting each-way was not proper gambling. So as my strategy involves putting said each-way bets on grey horses and those with nose bands (because they look cuter, somehow) I probably did well to leave just £9 down after a couple of unlikely thirds.

Finally, a note about Christmas left-overs. Whilst you were moaning about turkey sandwiches and turkey curry, spare a thought for those of us are meat eaters in predominantly vegetarian households. This year at the races I was treated to Quorn "Turkey and Cranberry-style" slices in my bread buns. Does life get any better...?

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