Sunday, November 11, 2007

Poppy Day

On the High Row this lunchtime selling poppies with the Mayor and other councillors.

Sandy, James and AJ joined in - James helped behind the desk whilst AJ rattled the tin and did what James calls his "cute bit". It was a good chance to begin to explain to AJ about wars and poppies and sacrifice.

We learnt from the Mayor about the correct positioning of the leaf on the poppy (at "11am" apparently) and we handed out loads of poppies. Citizens young and old queued up for their symbol of remembrance, which was good to see. And money, freely and generously given, accumulated in the tin.


Ian White, said...

Glad you raised so much Nick, for such a worth while cause.

miketually said...

There was the biggest turnout for quite a while at the St Andrews' Remembrance service this morning.

The two wreaths in church were laid by a veteran of the current Iraq war and the granddaughter of one of the people named on the WWII plaque. The piper's uncle was killed in Iraq a couple of months ago.

For the first time, the police present to stop traffic on Salters Lane during the two minutes silence.

ian holme said...

Very moving service in Hurworth too, with a veteran of the Normandy campaign laying a wreath.

To see how affected he still is by what he went through put so much else into perspective.

Good to see plenty of younger families attending too.

miketually said...

"It was a good chance to begin to explain to AJ about wars and poppies and sacrifice."

We tried explaining this to our four-year-old. Not easy.