Monday, November 05, 2007

"It's like fairyland!"

Darlington Fireworks Display on Saturday with Sandy and AJ. I now have Portfolio responsibility for this, so I approached the event with a few butterflies - the fireworks have gone so well in the past that everyone expects nothing less than a flawless performance.

I needn't have worried. It was a perfect night, with just enough wind to clear the smoke from the whizzing rockets and so improve visibility. The Echo estimated there were 80,000 present, and certainly I don't think I've ever seen the Show Field so full.

Ever contrary, Sandy said she preferred the laser accompaniment of a few years ago - for me the 4 Catherine Wheels were a really nice backdrop to the display (enjoyment of laser displays can be very conditional on weather conditions).

I'va passed on my thanks to all the staff involved in what was a great evening for the whole of the town. It was particularly good that the 'no alcohol' rule was pretty universally adhered to. Now the planning begins for 2008!

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miketually said...

We used to go every year, but have missed the last few. I'd agree that the lasers were always a bit hand and miss, depending upon how much smoke hung around.