Monday, November 19, 2007

Bowling round Darlington

I was invited to my second meeting of Hundens Bowls Club this morning, in my capacity of Cabinet Member for Health and Leisure, to review progress regarding the keeping of the greens.

I first went back in the summer, when there was a lot of dissatisfaction from bowlers regarding various matters, including the state of the greens and the problems the various clubs around the town were having in attracting new members, and so ensuring that the sport does not die out.

A lot of the concern was directed at the way in which StreetScene had been rolled out in the parks, which it was felt had reduced the skilled attention required by bowls players. Today's meeting had a much more positive feel to it, with bowls players from around the town confirming that StreetScene managers now had a good grasp of the needs of the greens, and were listening closely to club members. There are still a number of points which I need to follow-up, however.

I promised to return at the start of next year's season, a critical time as far as green maintenance is concerned, to review developments once more.


Ian White, said...

On the subject of street scene I phoned them yesterday late afternoon following complaints from several residents about tipping and today they turned up very prompt and proffessional.
Well done!!!!
Praise from

Anonymous said...

What about the costoms and excise giving all my details to all and sundry. Blog that you labour embarassment for a government.

Darlington Councillor said...

Ian - thanks for your comments about StreetScene. They're part of a department which has always seemed able to marry the public service ethos whilst delivering real value for money to Council Tax Payers.

Alas, anonymous, I can't answer directly for the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but when that changes, I will of course blog directly.