Monday, October 15, 2007

Let's get it on!

A quick glance at the list, compiled by Channel 4's Location, Location, Location, shows that no less than 7 of the top 20 worst towns in the country have elected Mayors. Joining Middlesbrough are Newham (3rd), Mansfield (9th), Hackney (12th), Stoke (13th), Doncaster (15th) and Hartlepool (20th).

The programme's website reveals that Middlesbrough was previously the 6th worst place last year and 5th worst place in 2005. Ray Mallon did warn the people of Darlington that elected Mayors have the power to "bring a town to its knees" but I don't suppose this was what he had in mind. All of the top 20 places to live have Leader and Cabinet arrangements - make of that what you will.

Ray's responded by declaring that Channel 4 and its researchers are enemies of the town - "and I treat enemies accordingly" whatever that means.

There is of course only one way to sort this out - Locations's own Phil Spencer and Robocop himself in a Celebrity Deathmatch. Let's get it on!!


miketually said...

"And only 16 per cent of the adult population eat healthily and 10 per cent are physically active, compared with 24 per cent and 12 per cent national averages respectively."

Even the national averages are pretty scary; only 1 person in 4 eat healthily and just 1 in 8 is physically active.

Ian White, said...

Where was Darlington in the list Nick???

Paul Leake said...

I think the cause and effect are perhaps the wrong way round. Surely many towns plumped for elected mayors because residents felt that things could only get better with a change - why risk change if your council already presided over a great place to live. Going up or down a few places isn't really material - many of these towns started off as not particularly nice places to live and went for an elected mayor. Unfortunately people have fonud that mayors have no magic wand, but clearly Mayor-Cabinet hadn't done them any favours either.