Monday, October 15, 2007

Entirely a matter for you...

Still, say what you like about our dear centre party, they do provide a rich vein of material for the satirists. So raise one last glass to Ming, and revisit this classic.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for hi-jacking this thread Nick.
I know you are a reader of the Town Liar site, as I am myself.
Some interesting posts, humorous, to the point,(Ian, Hope your son is well)
How interesting and hilarious to see posted by none other than Mr Close a rant complaining about "Anonymous posters".This is from someone who posts as Chris Close, Devils Advocate, 100%, Reaper, Jefferies as well as numerous other "anonymous identities. Others on the site do likewise. I do not have a problem with it, as miketually says, if you want to encourage debate allow anonymous posters as you do on your site Nick.
It is just proof, if proof be needed that Close likes to dish out the lies and the "feel sorry for me stories" but has an inherant hatred for anybody who is willing to disagree.

The man is a wimp.

S. Blain, Hurworth said...


I dont know about the rest but Chris is not Devils Advocate I am.

Anonymous said...

Seamus Says.

Admin has more aliases than Chris, his latest being "BENCHMADE" (I've counted 14)I'll list them all soon, can anyone beat 14. He talks to himself about the Hurworth "Orpen" issue.
Have these people not got a life at all???? Do they think that we have all come down from the trees.

Darlington Partnership. Well done and congratulations.The Pedestrian Heart is super.Thanks for your kind words in the Herald.

I. White, said...

Wrong again!

How did I get dragged into this?

Another brave anonymous poster!