Thursday, October 11, 2007

Duty of Care

To North Road Community Partnership this evening (eventually, after a mix-up over venues).

During a good, wide-ranging discussion, one of the members made a series of serious allegations regarding the operation of a care home in the area (I'm not going to name it here at this stage). The concerns were based on the experience of a staff member at the home.

As I promised I would do, when I came back I checked out the regulatory structure now for care homes - since 2004, this has rested with the Commission for Social Care Inspection. I have emailed them this evening with a list of the concerns.

Dealing with accusations is never easy - in this case the information I passed on was third-hand. At the end of the day, however, allegations of abuse have to be checked out, and I have given the CSCI the contact details which should help them talk to the staff member concerned. The alternative, as has been painfully apparent in the news from Maidstone today, is in effect to collude with the systematic neglect of very vulnerable people.


My complaint has been acknowledged by the CSCI, and a named Regulation Inspector assigned to the case. I'll keep you all posted on developments.


Anonymous said...

alan Macnab writes.

Sadly Maidstone Hospital is not uncommon in exposing the patients to conditions which would shame the third world.

My eldest son who suffers from Crohn's Disease was admitted to the brand spanking new PFI Bishop Auckland General Hospital two years ago for an exploratory operation.

When he was admitted to his room we noticed the floor was dirty and looked as if it had not been cleaned in days or even weeks. There was vomit marks on the bed rail of his bed and the linen on his bed waas soiled.

I complained to the then Chief Executive who apologised and said it would not happen again, but really it should not have happened in the first place. I gather the cleaning company under PFI had cut back the cleaning operation because of financial problems.

So if any of my family has to be admitted into that hospital again, other than in an emergency, I am going ask a colleauge who runs a cleaning operation to check the hospital for cleanliness before they set foot in the place.

I White, said...


Both I and my son have Crohn's disease you have my sympathies, we use the RVI at Newcastle, it is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you advocating for the vulnerabale members of our society. By the way i am deputy spokesperson for health.