Thursday, October 25, 2007

Christmas Dates for your Diary

There's a packed programme to attract shoppers to Darlington town centre in the Yuletide run-up. Here's the highlights;


Street entertainment – Breakdancing
Joseph Pease Place
Friday 26th October


Craft Fair
West Row
Friday 9th November

Farmers Market
West Row
Friday 16th November

Christmas Lights Switch On weekend
Town Centre & Market Square
Saturday 17th (throughout the day) and Sunday 18th November (2pm – 5pm)
On Saturday, the weekend starts with a great selection of street theatre and entertainment, including balloon artists, living statues, live music and stilt walkers; these will be from fixed locations and walkabouts throughout the town centre.

On Sunday, in the Market Square, the main event starts at 2pm with ‘Soulutions’, performing soul music with a festive twist, leading into the Switch On party at 2:45pm, where Alpha 103.2’s roadshow gets everyone in the festive mood.

Music and dance follows next with Darlington’s Darrien Wright performing a special dance routine and music provided by ‘Bubblegum Trash’, one of the regions promising new bands.

Also featuring is the final of the school’s Carol Competition. The carols will be played and voted on 103.2 Alpha FM and the top three schools will perform at the Switch On, with the winner chosen by a prestigious panel, which includes the crowd on the day.

Prior to the Switch On, another special guest, Santa Claus will arrive in style, in a superb vintage car, and finally the attractive new Christmas Lights will be switched on by our very own X-Factor finalist ZoĆ« Birkett, who stars as Snow White in this year’s pantomime at Darlington Civic Theatre.

Christingle Markets
Town centre
Thursdays 29th November & 6th, 13th December (12 noon until 8pm)
The Christingle Markets, supporting the late night shopping are ideal for some last minute Christmas gifts.


Craft Fair
West Row
Friday 14th December

Farmers Market
West Row
Friday 21st December

Winter Wonderland
Market Square and town centre
Thursday 13th to Monday 17th December
‘Winter Wonderland’ is a five-day market and Christmas Event Special, from 13-17 December. The Market Square and the town centre will really come alive, with a Victorian children’s fairground, a log cabin village selling a variety of Christmas goods and a wide selection of exciting entertainment, including carol singers, stilt walkers and delightful music brought to you from a variety of local bands.


Anonymous said...

Care to comment on Alan Milburn's expenses?

Anonymous said...


Shameful a true outrage to those of us true Labour supporters left in Darlington.
The Party is doing its self no favours allowing its MP's to run up such high allowances for such little work.
I know many people who have tried to get help of AM and not had replys or been fobbed off.
Perhaps they were the "chattering classes"
Anyone who supports this is equally a disgrace to the party!

Darlington Councillor said...

Disgrace to the Party, eh? Well, here goes...

(1) The level of expenses claimed by Alan were within a gnat's whisker of those claimed by Dari Taylor for Labour and LibDem Phil Willis. So a couple of claims either way, and the media circus would have been camped in Stockton South or Harrogate.

(2) Expenses are simply that - renumeration for money spent. I wasn't in the least surprised to see which MP's had the highest claims because, by and large, they are the hardest working MP's. For example, I've campaigned with Dari in Stockton on many occasions - I've always been hugely impressed by her drive and energy, and the number of constituents who know her personally because she has taken up issues for them.

The same goes for Ashok in Middlesborough South - he conducts a relentless round of street surgeries and coffee mornings in the scattered communities in his constituency, turning what was a highly-marginal seat into something of a Labour stronghold.

Inevitably, some people read the Echo story and assume it's a matter of 'snouts in the trough' - in fact it underlines who's working hard for people locally.

So it's no surprise to me that Tony Blair was bottom of the pile -inevitably his constituency work suffered because he was, er, running the country.

Ian White, said...

Going from your last paragraph would this not follow that any Prime Minister should stand down from their community and run the country and elect another MP to run their constituency, Regardless of party they clearly cant do both?

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes...


On the subject of Alan Milburn. I e mailed him in early September abvout my dentist going private and asking him to approach the Health Secretary to see if more money could be pumped into the dental service to prevent people who cannot afford the dental charges neglecting their detal health.

I received an acknowledgement. I have since written two further e mails again they were acknowledged, but I have not received any further response whatsoever.

I know I am only a taxpayer and a constituent, but I do expect my MP to respond and to care. What's your view on this?

"Charley says" said...

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