Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Alfreton Town of Political Blogging

This is a local blog for local people...

Iain Dale has been producing a series of lists over the last few weeks ranking British political blogs. I scanned the details as closely as everybody else - a semi-respectable 132nd in the top 500 for this blog.

Perhaps unsurpisingly, Iain's own ranking is #1. So if he's the Arsenal of political blogging, it means I'm languishing two-thirds of the way down the Conference North.

To be honest, I'm probably far too parochial to ever break into the big time, where hits total tens of thousands every day, rather than hundreds. Still, it's best to blog about what you know, and it's good getting local feedback on Darlington issues from readers of this blog.

Iain's list is part of a book he's produced on UK political blogging. It's a shrewd target audience - bloggers are about as likely to buy books about themselves as the British Union of Narcissists. Time to log onto the Politicos Bookshop website...

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Ian White, too much TV. said...

Where on the blob list are Edward & Tubbs?????

"we'll have no trouble here!!"