Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Wensleydale Railway

The station at Leeming Bar, the view of Pen Hill from the line near Redmire, and AJ at Leyburn Station

On Saturdays, the Blackberry is locked away, the laptop is shut, and we have a Family Day Together. This is a Good Thing. Obviously.

So time to re-acquaint myself with Sandy and AJ, after spending more time with Alan Charlton and thousands of leaflets over the past few weeks. We went to Leeming Bar to catch the 10.35 to Redmire on the Wensleydale Railway.

At £25 for the three of us, the cost was pretty steep, but this is volunteer-run railway, which by rights shouldn't exist at all. During the journey we bought a solitary £1 raffle ticket, and then felt rather miserly as the genial guard explained that the money would go towards the £2.5 million needed to reconnect the railway with Northallerton and the East Coast Mainline. Heavens knows how much it will cost to complete the western link to Garsdale and the Settle to Carlisle line.

So if you come up trumps on the Lottery this weekend, spare them a thought. The website, with a timetable and information about the Association, can be found here.


Ian White, said...

I love that "neck of the woods" rode many a motorcycle trial up there in my youth, terrific scenery, why anyone would go abroad baffles me! I think the volunteers are doing a great job, people forget the work of volunteers and sometimes take them for granted!
As for the "Blackberry" very nice, whats wrong with a cheap

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

I was brought up in Bedale and was there when the line closed to passengers.

I travelled on the Wensleydale Railway when it first re-opened. Beautiful scenery. I just hope that they extend the line to Northallerton and to Garsdale. That would be tremendous. People could go on the Settle to Carlisle then go onto the Wensleydale Railway and get a train home from Northallerton. Bliss, absolute bliss.

So pleased you had a good day out.

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks, Ian and Alan.

Ian - I think we started using Balckberrys about three years ago. They are available to Cabinet members. Their chief value over mobile phones is that they allow me to receive and send emails. It's fair to say that they have revolutionised my work as a Cabinet member - whereas previously, emails from officers and residents would have to wait until I returned home, now they can be dealt with almost immediately when I am free.

The downside is that one does become addicted to checking the damn thing. It also seems to have increased the number of emails I send and receive by about 50%.

Alan - I completely agree - we had a great day out. The only downside was the meal we had in a fancy gastropub in Leyburn, and I'll blog on that in my forthcoming restaurant review... :)

miketually said...

There's a good reason why Blackberrys (Blackberries?) are also known as Crackberrys... said...

And that reason is??????

miketually said...

Because they're addictive, like crack:

"Crack cocaine, often nicknamed "crack", is believed to have been created and made popular during the early 1980s . Because of the dangers for manufacturers of using ether to produce pure freebase cocaine, producers began to omit the step of removing the freebase precipitate from the ammonia mixture. Typically, filtration processes are also omitted. The end result is that the cut, in addition to the ammonium salt (NH4Cl), remains in the freebase cocaine after the mixture has evaporated. The “rock” that is thus formed also contains a small amount of water."