Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tyne Tees News tonight

A TV crew were in Darlington today doing some filming in advance of tomorrow's referendum. After some standard campaign material (interviews with Alan Charlton and Stuart Hill) they asked for some shots of us surveying opinion in the town centre.

In a small way, it was heartening that the first two people we approached said they were definitely voting No, because of the cost of the extra layer of decision-making, and because it puts too much power in one person's hands.

I haven't the faintest idea what the result will be on Friday morning (and from some of the comments left by their sympathisers on this blog and the Liar, the Yes camp seem pretty cocky), but I do feel that the twin messages of the No campaign have been communicated effectively. The higher the turnout, the better our chances of success, I feel.


ian holme said...

Think I have communicated my opinions with you pretty well already. However, I am not confident of a succesful YES campaign, as the message of so much power in one persons hands came through loud and clear, and certainly made alot of people think twice.

I just ope we do get a good turnout, (though i really doubt it) to give whatever the outcome some legitimacy.

However, as stated elesewher, my guess is 60-40 against an elected mayor, and a very low turnout.

but only time will tell.

I White, said...

Nick...even if the yes campaign looses, what we will of achieved is ....sent a clear message to JW he is as unpopular as his decissions and his days as leader are numbered!

Anonymous said...

Just desperately repeating something does not make it true.

John WIlliams is NOT an unpopular leader - he is, in fact, the most successful Darlington council leader I can recall.

Apart from which, the council is not selected by popularity contests, but by votes - and the leader is then selected by the democratically elected councillors.

ian holme said...

456 people from a population of 100,000 voted for John Williams.
If, as you say the council is lected by votes, how come Labour got less votes than the tories yet still have an overall majority of 5 cllrs?

Because we have a first past the post system of elections, it often means we often do not get a council representative of voters wishes.

Anonymous said...

How many people voted for you,Ian?

Ian White, said...

At least Ian dare print his name instead of hiding byhind anonymous!

I hope they filmed a nice "sound bite/Clip" of a humiliated JW just in case we "yes's" do win!

The suspense!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Perhaps you could supply a soundbite for us instead? On second thoughts, we've all heard enough nonsense for now.

Let's hope that the council can get back to productive work and the Yes camp can get over themselves and move forward now that the elected mayor issue has been put to rest.