Thursday, September 06, 2007

Toilet Chains

Where referenda regarding elected mayors have been held elsewhere in the country, the question of who would be likely mayoral candidates has often been a key issue.

In Middlesbrough, for example, it was clear that Ray Mallon would stand, which certainly contributed to the overwhelming Yes vote in the referendum there.

The Yes campaign realise this, and I understand they've been scurrying around over the past few weeks trying frantically to persuade plausible figures to declare that they would run as independents - alas for them, to no avail.

Only one person, to my knowledge has formally announced that he will run as an independent - the sane and rational Chris Close has declared on the Town Liar this morning that he will be a candidate.

I hope this is something that the Echo pick up on - anyone who wants an insight into the kind of Council and the kind of Darlington we would have under Close's stewardship only needs to look at the outpourings of bile and spite which characterise his posts on the Liar. Council officers with whom he's had run-ins are called liars or criminals (or worse). Just today, Cllr. Ron Lewis, the widely liked Tory Councillor for Mowden has attracted Close's ire (for reasons that are not immediately clear to me). Close writes;


It's easy to dismiss Close as a bonkers maverick, but he has caused real hurt to a lot of people in the town. And remember, in Hartlepool the monkey mascot got elected. Something for us all to think about on the 27th....


Ian White, said...

It does seem clear this Mayoral situation is getting to you lot at DBC, Chris's standing comes as no supprise to me, especially the way he,s presently being treat by DBC and its bully boy solicitors.
I would of ranted on about the costs to the tax payer of Darlington in Barristers fees but can,t as my FOIs and questions remain unanswered!
I think the fact that your last 3 posts were on the Mayoral topic says much about DBC's worries. I wonder how our great leader has recieved this announcement!

Anonymous said...

Chris Close....Mayor!!!!!

"You couldn't make it up"

Darlington Councillor said...


I appreciate that Chris Close is a friend of yours, but you have to understand how is seen by many of those who come into contact with him (and by no means all from DBC).

Because, anonymous, characters like Close do get elected. Remember the Monkey Mascot in Hartlepool - that earned the town national derision.

As for the fact that my last 3 posts have been on the referendum - well, it is the current topic of the day, and I have deliberately not been blogging about it over the last few months, saving up material for now. There is, I'm afraid, plenty more where that's come from...

Ian White, said...

Nick I have no problem with your multiple posts on the Mayor, what I do find a bit strange is "Remember the Monkey Mascot in Hartlepool - that earned the town national derision."

Is this the same Monkey who got re-elected? Need I say more!

As for Chris, you are correct he is a friend and personally I can only speak as I find and hes been more than helpful to many I know if only your FOI dept was as helpful.

Obviously there is history between Chris and many councillors as to how he is seen, I dont know what you are refering to so cannot comment on things I no nothing about.

Off to buy a monkey

Anonymous said...


I do not know Chris Close but I do know Ron Lewis.
I find Mr Close's comments about Ron misguided at best and at worst a failed attempt to smear a Gentleman who has worked extremely hard for the Mowden ward over many years.
I also think this has been a hugh own goal for the YES campaign.

Is Chris Close the chosen candidate by the YES campaign group?

I do not think that the electorate of Darlington would wish to be represented by someone who gains his kicks from smearing others.

My wife and I,will now make a point of going out to vote NO in the forthcoming election.If only to register our disgust at the comments made by Mr Close.

Ian White, said...

You voting NO is your poragative and that my friend is called democracy something that DBC would rather keep from us, how fast so many have forgoten the 3 years of secret Tesco talks, Hurworth Comp and not forgetting the PHart!

Vote NO,by all means thats your choice!

At the very lease you could of had the courage to use your real name!

Chris Close said...

I know that Ron Lewis was made aware of many FACTS about what DBC has attempted to do to an Advocacy project I manage which does a great deal of good for the people of Darlington who cannot speak for themselves.

Nor do they have the luxury of the facility afforded to Wallis on his blog.

Any person or councillor who wishes to know the FACTs and not the garbage spewed by people like Wallis who take the public money and use it for their own ends and not for the good of Darlington are entitled to see what has happened to us and why I feel disappointed that Ron Lewis when he had the chance failed to try to do anything about it.

As for Wallis, it is noticeable that he now at least confines his twaddle to his own personal vehicle for onanism on his blog.

Yet another DBC 'poodle' who peddles the same suggestion that anyone who tries to fight them is mentally ill.

Well Wallis, I would rather be mentally ill than collude in the people of Darlington being ripped off by people like Wimpey because illness is better than corruption.

As for the allowances people like you take, this is money obtained under false pretences.

As for 'anonymous' well there you go another total coward who hides behind 'anonymous' because you dont have the guts to put your name to the post or is it simply that Wallis cannot get anyone else to post and so resorts to 'multiple' IDs.

The people of Darlington are ripped off by people like you - cowardly liars to the 'man?'

Stick to your blog, Wincey, its where you belong.

Chris Close

Dave Thompson said...


I find it hard to believe you do not support Chris Close and Advocasy in Darlington, He is helping people from you ward with success remember. maybe something you should do more of.

I am happy to know you obviously take time to read the Liar and managed to find the time to post this topic within approx an hour and a half of Chris stating his intention to stand as mayor.

Nick perhaps you can start a new topic relating to Haughton and the failing £37 million Education Village, after all Haughton has come in at the bottom of the tables for achievement. was this not supposed to be the answer to failing standards?.
No wonder you dont send your child there!.

Anonymous said...

Dear constant reader...

I met the said Mr Close many years ago,he,at the time had an extremely successful advocacy business in Darlington.

However, I "personally" found him rude, confrontational and very plausible. Although,it has to be said, he was well liked and respected by those who worked with him, or for him.
I am shocked that he has decided to run for the post of Mayor, as I thought his interests lay, only with helping vulnerable people.

I am a floating voter on the issue, there are many arguments, both for the pros and cons for an elected mayor

It would be decent however, if the election was fought on "friendly terms"

I have agreed, in principal with Ian Whites comments on the above, but being a Local Historian, I have also been persuaded by the comments of the NO campaign.

As I am currently barred from the Town Liar website for expressing views, that were contrary to the likes of CC DT etc, as an aside issue, I would like to wish Mr White, his wife and family all the best in their drive and persuit for a good, proper and acceptable education for their child, an ongoing subject at the moment on the TL site. "EVERY CHILD MATTERS"

I still enjoy reading the banter, and indeed follow the site on a weekly basis,however, I do miss out the Chris Close comments!!I think they spoil a site full of reasoned debate.

Mr A.Connell

Ian White, said...

Mr Connell

I dont know why you think you are barred from the liar to my knowledge no one has been barred, I will check tommorow with my moderator, and thanks for your words of support.

Chris Close said...

Mr Connell or is it Wallace, I do not know you and the only person of that name that I do know would be very careful about making any comment about propriety!!

As for Wincey,

Where is the Wimpeys money?

Why has the Council let off a major international company with not paying £1.5 million due under a planning requirement?

Why am I being nasty in bringing this up?

What have you got to hide?

How is it 'easier' to let them off than complying with the law?

Well, Wincey?

Cat got your tongue?

dave t said...


Have you nothing to say about the 'Failing' Education Village ?

Paul Leake said...

Ian - Stuart Drummond has done so well largely because once finding himself unexpectedly elected he worked with, rather than antagonised, council officers and political opponents.

Now, I don't know the rights and wrongs of Mr Close' dispute with the council and others, but given that councillors have been suspended in the recent past by the national Standards Board for even low-level implied criticism of officers would Mr Close's election really bring the reform of the council he clearly wants, or quickly get dragged down in complaint after complaint to the Standards Board? I don't for a moment doubt Mr Close' motives, but for the Yes campaign to triumph it needs to hope it can find a well known potential candidate for Mayor who can get things done if elected.

ian white, said...

Paul, I was standing up for Stuart Drummond it was Nick who was belittleing him, and perhaps the new Mayor whoever he or she is will get a free DBC mug and mouse mat to comfort them in their new office, so that everyday they see these items they will remember what a bunch of wasters DBC are with other peoples money!

dave t said...

Mr A Connell, you have posted on the Townliar as follows

As I am currently barred from the Town Liar website for expressing views, that were contrary to the likes of CC DT etc,

I have trawelled through the site and memberlist and cannot fin a member with your name ?.

Perhaps you can enlighten us further !.

I have certainly not made a request for you or anyone else to be barred.

I White, said...

Mr Connell, I have checked with my moderator who runs the site for me and he assures me, whilst he has given out warnings he has NOT banned anyone, if you give me your login name I will personally sort it for you.
Sorry Nick for using your site as a message board.

Mr Connell said...

[quote]I White, said...
Mr Connell, I have checked with my moderator who runs the site for me and he assures me, whilst he has given out warnings he has NOT banned anyone, if you give me your login name I will personally sort it for you.
Sorry Nick for using your site as a message board.
Ian [/quote]

Whilst you may not have banned individuals user names you have banned IP addresses...

From your site forum...
"You have been banned from this forum. Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information."

I white said...

Tell me the IP and I will look into it for you!

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