Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Putting the 'Blue' into Blue Peter

Following the great kitty-naming scandal? Nope, nor me. I had vaguely gathered, however, that BBC producers were reluctant to call the moggy "Cookie" owing to some link to childhood obesity.

I was put straight, however, by a letter in this morning's Times. I quote;

Sirs, The reason Cookie is considered to be a risque name for a cat is that it is short for "cooking fat", which is, of course, a spoonerism. Glyn Jones, Devon.

I don't know what's more shocking - that Blue Peter producers should be caught lying or that they - surely the custodians of all that is good, and decent and (let's be honest) middle class in our society - are familiar with such filthy word play.


Anonymous said...

Is this what we have been reduced to ....the blue peter (fix) cat on the eve of Mayor Day???

Aeres said...

Ermm, yes but this is his blog at the end of the day - he can write about what he wants.

Saying that Nick - I think you're wrong. I'm (hopefully...) decent and middle class and I knew what it meant. Mind you, I'm not shocked - just slightly amused by the whole thing :-)

Anonymous said...


You are as "had as a matter"

Best wishes.


Anonymous said...

I want a refund on my licence fee!

miketually said...

I thought there was another reason

Darlington Councillor said...

Great site, Mike, although a bit derivative of the Onion. Still, I've added it to the favourites.