Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Politics Show (again)

Up to the Arts Centre at lunchtime, this time for a slot on the BBC's Politics Show.

First time round in February, I was given a grilling by the formidable Richard Moss. This time, the piece took the format of a debate between myself and Yes campaigner Stuart Hill, moderated by Mark Denten. With the time available cut and then cut again as a result of the national element of the programme over-running, however, our contributions were pretty brief.

We were given a strict 30 seconds each to present our respective cases, and unforgiveably, I had to be cut short. Stuart stayed within his time slot, but only by reading his text from under the table - I'm not best placed to judge how that came across. In the ensuing melee, I just wanted to communicate two of our key themes; that elected Mayors cost a shed-load of money, and that they concentrate power in the hands of a single individual.

I was certainly happy was with the introductory film. I don't know who is masterminding the Yes campaign, but having Shirley Winters, described in the film as a Yes campaigner, complaining about crossings in the Pedestrian Heart seemed pretty small beer to me when considering the enormity of the decision we will take as a Borough on Thursday. In contrast, I thought Martin Swainston came across really well. It was also great to see the clip of Lady Godiva with a straggling line of Yes campaigners again - it nicely framed the image of the Yes campaign as a few people doing strange things in the Market Place.

Is Darlington ripe for a Soviet-style revolution, as the film was asking? We'll find out on Friday when the votes are counted.


Too Embarased to say! said...

Nick you are right in several things you have commented on, I watched the piece and thought Shirley should of been asking if it was pedestrianised why would there be a need for crossings in the first place, once again it is as busy as it was before the PHart.

Stuart came across as ill prepared and I was asking myself why was he reading it from a card if he was that passionate he should, like you of been confident enough to answer on the "fly".

As for lady Godiva what was that all about, I missed the real thing (thankfully watching it on tv) it did come over as a few "loony's" following a horse with home made 50p placards.

Martin, whilst I disagree with his views came across well and now appears to be the main Libdem spokesman and did a good competent job.

So sadly as a big "yes" fan today I can only hope all floating voters were out at the pub, it did us no favours sadly.

Anonymous said...

Alan Macnab writes....

Nick your points were well made given the 30 seconds you were allocated.

Stuart appeared nervous, because it was live and because of that it's natural to speak from a script. I don't supoose he had been asked to speak on camera before.

I agree Martin came across really well, but where were the Tories? I expected Heather Scott or Charles Johnson to appear but they didn't.

miketually said...

Anyone know if the Politics Show is available online anywhere? BBC iPlayer?

Anonymous said...


I think that the vote is far to close to call.
I seem to switch allegiance every time I read the Echo,visit my local pub or speak to my work colleagues.
A lot of my work colleagues and friends genuinely are undecided as yet.
The main thing is that we are all definately going to vote.

If there are issues that may sway me, it is the thought of Increasing the Council Leaders Salary 4 fold, coupled, I think with some of the personalities connected to the "Yes" vote.
Although I shall wait and see what the Echo says on Thursday morning though and finally decide.

Sorry Nick. I am a fickle voter.!!

miketually said...

Clicking on the Latest Programme link gets you the last show, until next week I assume.