Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Final Week

The TV cameras came to town on Thursday, filming the intro for Sunday's Politics Show, the North East component of which is coming from Darlington.

At very short notice, a good gathering of No supporters turned out, as we unveiled two campaigning posters - one has an image of Hartlepool's H'Angus with the slogan "It's not so funny when it's your money". The other is a 'sits vac' ad for an elected Mayor for Darlington, with a fat cat and the likely whopping salary he'd earn.

Afterwards, we did some surveying of shoppers as to their voting intentions next Thursday. Two things came from an admittedly fairly limited sample - firstly we didn't meet anyone who was intending to vote "Yes". Secondly, we were struck by just how many people didn't live in Darlington. Despite the problems of the past year with Pedestrian Heart, the town centre is once again a popular destination for shoppers from outside the Borough. Results from the Community Survey suggest that satisfaction with the town centre amongst Darlington residents is at an evcellent 81%.

You can see the Northern Echo coverage of the No campaign event here.


Ian White, said...

I dont know Stuart Drumond at all, but it does puzzle me why the NO campaign always belittle him sirely if he were that bad would he of got re-elected?

Anonymous said...

Bunch of losers.

Darlington Councillor said...


As we're approaching the end of the campaign, I think I can say now that I was very surprised that the Yes people thought he was such a strong card to play.

He has indeed been elected with a bigger majority, but you have to know a bit about Hartlepool politics to understand how that happened. It remains the case that when people think of the elected Mayor in Hartlepool, they think of the monkey mascot. It brought national, and indeed international derision to the town.

There was some discussion on Friday night as to why the elected Mayor movement has run out of steam. It's my personal theory that whilst the issues of cost and dictatorial power are important, it has never really recovered from the monkey's election.

If I'd been the Yes campaign, I'd have said nothing about Drummond, and concentrated on Mallon. Still, I'm sure the Yes campaign knew best.

Aeres said...

Just a thought - but you don't think there's a slight possibility that people said they weren't from Darlington so that you would leave them alone do you?

Favourite trick of mine I'm afraid - surely I can't be the only one who is so shamelessly devious?

Ian White, said...

Nick the monkey thing I refered to is on the no posters, the one in your photo next to the fat cat poster just above!
Ive just got my yes leaflet bit late as I have a postal vote, but better late than never I noticed it has used the same photo as the liar has on its home page,the good old high row ...coincidence or great minds think