Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eastbourne Partnership

Amidst the referendum fever gripping the town (ahem), I've been doggedly keeping my Cabinet duties going.

On Monday night I attended a meeting of Eastbourne Partnership. Since May, the Council has been making a concerted effort to open up and listen better - hence opposition councillors can now attend Cabinet meetings and probe reports, for example.

One initiative I'm keen to pursue is getting around as many Partnership and Parish meetings to listen to the views of members on the Council, especially as far as health and leisure are concerned. This isn't a "one-off", and I'm looking forward to returning in the future to report on progress. At a time when I've just taken up a new Cabinet portfolio, it's particularly helpful to listen to the views of residents now.

Although a bit depleted by holidays, the meeting in Eastbourne was very useful. As I walked in to Maidendale House, it was good to see the MUGA being used by a group of young people playing football. Martin Landers, who works there, is doing some fantastic work on the estate setting up mini football leagues for children of different ages.

Otherwise, there was a lively discussion around the services the Council offers to young people. We also began to wrestle with the problem of tackling under-age drinking, and I left after an hour with plenty of food for thought. Next - on to Bank Top, North Road and Hurworth!


ian holme said...

Sure you can look forward to a warm reception in Hurworth Nick.

Ian White, said...

Will you be bringing your motivational

Anonymous said...

Has he got a motivational mouse mat as welll?