Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Down and Dirty

Ian White, who contributes regularly here and is a big cheese on the Town Liar site, has a letter in this morning's Echo on the Elected Mayor debate.

After some preliminaries on the Mayors in Middlesbrough and Hartlepool, Ian attacks a letter from Frank and Stella Robson, which made a case for keeping our ceremonial non-political mayoralty. He suggests that their support is entirely due to the money they received as allowances when they served as Mayor.

Now this kind of stuff may go down a storm with my good friends on the Liar - councillors are a bunch of parasitic leeches feeding off the public, you know the sort of thing - but I'm not sure how it will play "out there". If I were the Yes campaign, I think I'd stick to the arguments rather than smearing some respected figures in the town.


Ian White, townliar.com said...

Just for clarification there were two letters that read as if it was one big long one from me, not so.
Mine was the one that merely pointed out that those who are in favour of the present system are those who have benefited financialy from it in recent years.
I honestly dont think the "yes" campaign are looking at it from a financial gain angle, more lets get democracy back into the Town Hall, where it would appear the "No" side have had a very nice "earner" out of it and would quite happily continue down that path.
It was you Nick, who used the expression "parasitic leaches" not me, However if the cap fits!. I merely pointed out the income of past Mayor's as they dont seem to appear anywhere in DBC's one sided leaflet "Have your say".
As for smearing respectable figures, I dont need to do that, as most of your DBC "cronies" are more than self sufficient in that department!
See you at the Mayor's Ball.

miketually said...

Here's a link to the letter(s) on the Echo website.

On the website, it does look like one letter. I first read it in the dead tree version, where (I think) it's more clearly two letters.