Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Campers

Our "little Tuscan villa". Sadly, Sid James was up the Khyber Pass for this shot...

After 12 days and nights of unimaginable hell, sorry, pure family-centred bliss, we're back. I was disappointed to read in the comments from the last post that there was some doubt whether I'd slum it in a tent. It's true that after about, oh, 8 hours, the tune from Alan Sherman's "Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder" was running relentlessly through my head. We had day after day of blistering temperatures unalleviated by air con, punctuated only by massive thunderstorms.

It was good of the ticks and fleas to keep us company though. The disco blasting into the night with catchy Eurotrash hits was a real bonus. And who needs clean showers??

Seriously though, the boys has a great time, when they weren't being dragged round churches and museums by me. I'll set up a seperate blog for what I'm sure will be my massively-popular holiday snaps....

1 comment:

Ian White, said...

Hi Nick
Must be honest I was one of those doubters, thought it would be nothing less than the ritz for you!