Friday, July 13, 2007

"World-class facilities for a world -leading organisation"

Up to 200 jobs are coming to Morton Palms, Darlington at the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA), the new body which will protect children and vulnerable adults through checks on those employed to work with them.

The Authority will operate out of Stephenson House from the autumn of 2008 in facilities that are rated excellent against independent standards for staff working conditions and environment.

Stephenson House is situated on the Morton Palms Business Park. It extends to 11.3 hectares (28 acres) and is a joint venture between Darlington Borough Council, One North East and the Developer City & Northern. It is among the first sites in the Tees Valley to offer Broadband connectivity.

I'm proud that as a result of the Labour Council's partnership working, 200 highly-skilled jobs are coming to the Borough. Attracting civil service posts away from their traditional base in London and the South East will also help boost the economy of the North East. To have Darlington talked about in these terms really raises our national image.

Incidentally, I'm fairly sure that Stephenson House is in the Sedgefield constituency. If so, this is an announcement which should help Phil Wilson's campaign as another example of a Labour local authority, working in partnership with government, bringing jobs and prosperity to the North East. (Thanks to Cllr. Mark Burton for the link).


Anonymous said...

Hang on Nıck thıs ıs a large Government agency, stuffed full of bureaucrats and not an ındustrıal or large commercıal concern whıch would be more valuable to the economy of Darlıngton.

Isn't ıt about tıme you gave credıt to the Councıl offıcers who dıd the donkey work ın securıng thıs? They must be hacked off wıth you and your polıtıcal colleagues claımıng all the credıt for everythıng.

Paul Leake said...

You might know the Sedgefield boundaries, but our friendly local (?) fascists don't seem to. They had their poster van parked up in Durham this afternoon (I think on double yellows too, and definitely without any imprints on their publicity). Locals seemed slightly baffled about why (or how) 'people like them' are supporting Spence. Doh!