Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Thanks to Aeres for pointing out that my original post here was slightly wide of the mark. I've taken it down whilst leaving the graphic - it's good to see that dead bird again...


Aeres said...

If your relative was a closer acquantaintance of Betfair rather than Ladbrokes and Hills he might've been able to give you a better idea Nick. These are odds that you'd find represented in a betting exchange rather than a high street bookie.

0.02/1 is, in effect, 1.02 on the exchanges, which actually equates to 1/50 rather than 1/200.

Just checking this evening and the latest matched odds have been:

1.02 Labour
12 Lib Dem
150 Conservative

In other words, despite the fact you're 1/50 rather than 1/200 I wouldn't have too many sleepless nights!

Bit harsh on the Lib Dems though with what you've said as they're perfectly correct in the odds they've shown. I'm afraid the 'can't bring themselves to admit the yawning gulf' thing simply isn't true (even though there is a yawning gulf, obviously...)

Mike Barker said...

And the gap is narrowing! Clippity clop....clippity clop!