Saturday, July 14, 2007

Snap poll?

After hearing from Gordon this morning, I rather think that an autumn election is becoming more rather than less likely.

The PM was on top form, and fizzing with ideas to improve the lot of working families..  Ensuring NHS services are properly accessible: more youth facilities in our communities; matching the 606k vacancies in the economy with young people who need work via better training; local communities to get the benefit of planning gain via a levy on housebuilders' landbanks (to name but a few).

He also hinted that tomorrow the Sunday papers' opinion polls look very favourable.

And what may be the clincher - the Tories patently don't want an election now.  After months of division over grammar schools, museum fees and now financially penalising single parents, incluing widows and widowers, the opposition have the scent of electoral death about them.

It may be time to dust off the rosettes again....

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Brown. What a democrat. Won't even tell us when he's to hold a snap election... brings in the bosses and other establishment figures... how much more can you take, mate?

Anonymous said...

TRUTHSEEKER says,The LIB DEMS will be pleased as they need plenty of time to get the trees cut down for there massive leaflet distribution, maybe its a good thing as they will now start to select there candidate will this one be a local one like they promised for the by/election or will it be i live near by, do you think that will count, our local talent would be SWAINSTON, BARKER, LAWTON god help us all, they seem to have got rid of there best bet, they could have stiff compition from an independent if we could persuede him to stand.

Anonymous said...

Oh purleeeze!!! Steve Jones MP - do me a favour. He never speaks in Council or Comittee: he couldn't boil an egg if his wive didn't show him where the cooker was. He might sign a BNP candidate's papers though.

Anonymous said...

Steve Jones MP, What a joke, I can only assume he would stand as a BNP candidate. What with the unpleasant views his Wife holds and his inability to speak!

Anonymous said...

anonymous it appears you dont know me that well, but from your comments i know you, but have you the bottle to make yourself known to mrs jones and see her face to face I DONT THINK SO.