Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sedgefield by-election II

Up to Newton Aycliffe yesterday with two car loads of Darlington Party members to help with the canvassing effort.

It was a gorgeous sunny evening, and we found loads of people in. We're an efficient lot in Darlington, and soon finished the boards allocated to us, which covered Cobblers Hall, a newer housing estate to the east of the town centre.

So it was a case of back to HQ to collect some more work, this time in a more established residential area to immediately to the south of the shopping centre.

Of course anything I or a hack from any other party writes about the by-election will be taken with a huge pinch of salt, but I was genuinely impressed with the reception we received. You know you're onto a winner when residents open the door, see the red rosette and smile automatically, and I got that response at house after house, particularly in Cobblers Hall.

I see the Echo are quoting the bookmakers odds on a Phil Wilson win at 1/200 on. The bookies aren't mugs, and if the rest of the constituency is anything like what we saw last night, in two very different communities, I think they're about right.


ian holme said...

Find it remarkable that you "apparently" get such a response in a town whose centre has been decimated by years of neglect, in a constituency with the PM as its MP for so long.

Your invisisble man is still yet to be spotted in Hurworth, when can we expect a visit from our "local" candidate? after all, he does claim to have campaigned in every part of the constituency...

The labour party web-site says he camapigned in the village on Friday,
IF he did, he obviously did not hang about before scurrying off back to happier hunting grounds.

Darlington Councillor said...

I can only report what I found, Ian. For sure, some residents mentioned the state of the town centre, but were generally happy with Phil's commitment, as the only true local candidate from one of the 3 main parties, to help sort the problem out. His determination to site his constituency office in the town centre, if elected, also won plaudits from local people.

I'll blog at greater length about Newton Aycliffe town centre sometime next week.

As for Phil's visit to Hurworth last Friday - if I find out anything more about this, I'll post it here.

ian white, townliar.com said...

Nick why didnt you have a go at it?