Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sedgefield by-election I

Mean, moody and magnificent - Phil Wilson's "Faverdale Crue" (James and his mate Tom) prepare to leaflet the estate...

For every party member able to experience the joy of heckling David Cameron's broken-down car for a full 5 minutes, whilst the toff sits grinning inanely inside, there's another ten slogging round with the leaflets.

So eschewing the glamour, with colleagues, today I leafleted parts of the Sedgefield constituency which fall into Darlington Borough - in my case Faverdale and Hurworth. I also got cars organised for canvassers for next week.

I went up to campaign HQ in Beveridge Way yesterday - it was good to see a steady stream of people coming in to sign Phil Wilson's petition on improving Newton Aycliffe town centre. Whilst initial redevelopment plans have stalled, there's no doubt that Phil, who's lived in the constituency all his life, is best place to get things kick-started again.

Meanwhile, Don at the Town Liar points out that a website linked to Greg Stone, the LibDem candidate, has suddenly and mysteriously become inaccessible. This is LabourWatch, and a possible reason is given by LibDem Suzanne Lamido's blog here.
Having worked in the Hartlepool by-election, I know how damaging careless internet postings can be to an opposition election campaign. I wonder if Greg has had his "Jody" moment already...
And has there been a sadder, lonlier campaign launch than Tory Graham Robb's, in a car park, with a smattering of activists? Check the pictures out - I'll let you decide.


adrian said...

Phil is a top bloke.

Sadly I'll not be able to make it, but I'll do what I can in Southall to make up for it.

Go Phil!

ian white, said...

No Labour leaflets at our house!!!
but a free plug for simply "staggering" lol

Darlington Councillor said...

Thanks, Adrian. Agreement here.

Ian - no problem giving the Liar one of my many plugs - particulary when Don's posting looks so interesting (unfortunately, I too can't access LabourWatch to follow up his comment).

James, Tom and I leafletted Avon Road/Woodlands Way and Manor Road today - no doubt one of Phil's leaflets will be dropping through your letterbox soon...

Anonymous said...

Labour were obviously worried about having the leader of the opposition on "their patch". His visit proves true ambition for this area. Correct me if i am wrong but i dont think Gordon has shown any interest in this by-election by giving up the time to visit.
No wonder anti social behaviour is such a problem in this country when you see how the Labour party behave.

Praguetory said...

You undoubtedly behaved like scum. Proud, are you?

ian holme said...

You might wish to think twice before you back the antics of some of your supporters.
Given the coverage in the echo (which of course MUST be true....) some of them have behaved appallingly.

Whilst plenty of "banter" is par for the course, pushing/shoving and abusive behaviour as reported at the lib dem function in trimdon does your party no good at all. Aligning youself with the abuse of cameron is also in itself pretty deplorable.

It is good to see the likes of newton aycliffe centre being the topic of the election. perhaps if the labour "activists" exerted as much energy into dealing with its problems as they are into abusing their political opponents, it would not be in this state after 10 years of a labour government.

By the way, does delivering leaflets in hurworth count as your candidate "campaigning" in the village?
cos he himself has yet to be spotted.

Ian White, said...

Ian I have informed Interpol and the FBI and they assure me they are still looking for the alledged missing candidate, He,s not been here yet!
Perhaps a reward would locate him?

Darlington Councillor said...

Well, frankly Praguetory and Ian H, what a load of tosh! I've been involved in enough by-elections up and down the country, particularly in the 80's, to remember the hard hands and sharp elbows of Tory minders.

The affected horror of the Tories and LibDems was just a desperate attempt to create a story out of nothing. Ian - I've seen the pictures from the "Battle of Trimdon Green" and it just looked like a case of handbags to me. My only regret about it is that it would appear that the LibDems were trying to point out that it was there in May's local elections that the Tory candidate managed to poll no votes at all. It was a shame that that message got drowned out, rather, in the nonsense.

And as for the abuse of Cameron - well remember that it was the Tories who thought it would be tremendously funny to follow Gordon Brown round trips to English constituencies with a Scottish piper. If none of his army of spin doctors had the nous to extricate him from the situation after he had been sitting there for 5 full minutes, then more fool them.

ian holme said...

No wonder the electorate is increasingly apathetic about politics when they see and hear of such antics.

Frankly saddened that you see nothing wrong with such behaviour.

Should slap a bleedin asbo on the lot of em!

Paul Leake said...

Oh, I'm sure it is mostly affected anger from the other parties - I was involved enough in the Hartlepool campaign to know that no side are angels. However I'm far from convinced that disrupting opponents events (except in very humourous ways) actually plays well with the public.