Sunday, July 22, 2007

Out and about

Since May's local elections, the Labour Council has been debating ways in which it can make itself more accessible and transparent in its dealings.

There's a now an increased duty on Cabinet members to play a greater role in the community, for example, getting out of the Town Hall and listening to residents' questions and concerns.

Consequently I spent a happy Sunday afternoon licking stamps and sealing envelopes, writing to all the Community Partnerships and Parish Councils in the Borough, to see whether they would like me to attend a future meeting. At a time when I'm starting out on an entirely new portfolio, this initiative couldn't have come at a better time, helping me to learn from the concerns and questions that people all over the Borough have both about public health and the Council's leisure services.

I'll be writing out to more groups and organisations next week...


Anonymous said...

As chair of the North road community partnership I would love to welcome you to one of our meetings, as I believe health and leisure play a big part in the community, and I believe we could have a good question and answer session,I hope this leads to more cabinet members doing the same thing.

Ian White, said...


Michelle would like to invite you to the Hurworth Community Partnership, whilst not recognised by the town hall as being a deprived area they would still welcome you. She will e-mail you.