Monday, July 09, 2007

New Darlington Bloggers

Welcome to Gill and Mike Cartwright, the Tory councillors for Harrowgate Hill, who began blogging recently. I've added links right. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to leave comments.

Touchingly, Mike's just discovered that the LibDems' infamous "It's a two-horse race" slogan, which has turned up in the Sedgefield by-election literature, has been run by the LibDems once or twice before the Harrowgate Hill ward election in May. He asks, "Surely the Lib Dems wouldn’t be lazy and use the same unsuccessful strategy which they employed in Harrowgate Hill during the recent local elections? Surely they wouldn’t take the voters for granted and print the same twaddle in two different elections?"

You'll begin to understand the irritation of more seasoned opponents of the LibDems, Tory and Labour Mike, when I tell you that they've been using that graphic (and others) for 25 BLOODY YEARS! Ahem, time for a fruit tea and a lie down.


Mike Cartwright said...

Many thanks for the plug Nick!

Rest assured that I am currently working on the "comments" feature of our blogs!

Ah yes, as a recently elected Councillor I have so much to learn from "seasoned opponents".
Complacency for example - a condition that seemed to affect some "seasoned opponents" in Harrowgate Hill (and other Wards) as proved during the May elections.

Ian White, said...

Can the Labour party please e-mail me its leaflets as I seem to be the only one in Hurworth not to of got any, anyone would think Im on some sort of "blacklist" lol

Darlington Councillor said...

OK Mike, and thanks too for your comments on your blog.

I know that many allegations were hurled at Labour before the last local election, but I think that we were the very opposite of complacent (certainly my family, who didn't see much of me for large parts of the long campaign, would beg to differ).

As you may have gathered already, you'll find Mark Burton an implacable, if always constructive and courteous, opponent.

Ian - I'm just a gopher in this election, so I'm not sure what's happened to the leaflets for your area. If you still haven't had one by Friday, then please give me another shout and I'll contact HQ. I'd hate for you to miss out ;)