Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Labour 6% ahead today's Guardian ICM poll. The Tories are now bumping along at the sort of support they had in the dying days of Michael Howard's leadership.

Whilst there's evidence that voters are warming to Gordon Brown's premiership, the opposite seems to be the case with the man they're calling"Sham Cam" (well, I picked it up at the NPF). The Guardian reports, "Among Conservative voters, 42% say they like the party, but dislike Mr Cameron. Only 3% answer the other way around."

A key Labour theme in the coming months will be that however much Cameron likes to claimed he's moved to the centre ground of British politics, fundamentally the Tory Party hasn't changed. Helpfully, splenetic posters at the Conservative Home blogsite make this point for me. Here's a typical comment from the reaction to the poll on the site;

Now that Cameron's poll lead has gone he has NOTHING to offer us. We were told to put up with all that "Modernisation" claptrap purely because it would deliver votes. It's failed, so it's back to Plan A. Cameron is now clearly seen to be dispensible. The only question is whether we dispose of him before or after the General Election. He has thoroughly contaminated this party with his nauseating PC gimmicks. There is going to have to be a massive purge when he is gone.

Music to my ears!

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