Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A flying start

The polls are going from bad to worse for David Cameron, as Britain gets used to Gordon Brown as PM, and rather likes what it sees.

A Populus poll in the Times today has Labour up 4% and the Tories down 2%. Labour leads the Tories now by 3 clear points.

The Times found "the number of voters regarding Mr Brown as strong has jumped by 14 points to 77 per cent over the past month. This compares with 43 per cent seeing Mr Cameron as strong, up by six points since early June.

The proportion saying that Mr Brown has what it takes to be a good Prime Minister has risen by 16 points to 57 per cent, compared with 37 per cent for Mr Cameron (up four points). Only 31 per cent say that they would rather have Mr Cameron as prime minister than Mr Brown, and 52 per cent disagree."

For all the mud-slinging at the Government's record we're likely to hear in the Sedgefield by-election over the next three weeks, I think the poll will instead become a test of the shaky leaderships of Messrs Cameron and Campbell. Neither the Tories nor the LibDems can afford to come third. According to Sunday's Telegraph, a group of LibDem peers are already sharpening the knives for their hapless chief...

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Anonymous said...

one lib-dem suggested he take a holiday and take his pistol with him, with the many acomplished back stabbers in the party willing to stab for any reason he proberly won't make it to his holidays