Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ealing Southall

Whilst I was down in London with the NPF, delegates were cordially "invited" to help out with the campaign effort in Southall. Of course most of us didn't need to be asked, and we sent 2 coachloads (about 70 in all I reckon) of battle-hardened activists to canvass and leaflet.

There was almost a carnival atmosphere on the streets (it was great to see some street cricket) and everyone was very welcoming. Based on the number of Labour posters in people's windows in the area I worked in, prospects look very good indeed.

Of course, the Tory candidate Tony Lit is a friend of Tony, having had his picture taken with the former PM at a bash recently. That he paid over four grand for his table is well-known now - what has attracted less attention is that Mr Lit also successfully bid for a trip for 2 to the US to listen to Hilary Clinton. According to the Sunday Telegraph, he hasn't paid up yet.

So Mr Lit faces the real prospect of getting stuffed by Labour tomorrow, and then having to pay another £4,000 to the party immediately afterwards. I wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall when he writes the cheque....

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Anonymous said...

He didn't write the first cheque.and as he has left Sunrise Radio he is not even legally entitled to write the second one. NB - I doubt Labour will be able to enforce the £4000 without receiving a lawsuit from Sunrise for breach of copyright/confidentiality.