Friday, July 13, 2007

Buzz Buzz

Sedgefield LibDems' campaign scored a spectacular own-goal when they turned up uninvited to a village event in Hurworth, according to the dear old D & S Times.

(As there's nothing so vulgar as hyperlinks to the paper's articles, I'll repeat the snippet from 'Spectator's Notes' in full).

The Sedgefield Liberal Democrats did themselves no favours by gate-crashing the Scouts strawberry fair on Hurworth village green last Friday evening.

Although the rain was never far away, villagers were enjoying the annual get-together which, as well as raising money for the scouts, is about the only time in the year when the whole village turns out for a social occasion.

The group of earnest yellow rosette-wearing politicos, including candidate Greg Stone, were about as welcome as a swarm of wasps at a summer picnic."

Of course, the LibDems adhere to a strategy which relies on massive, in-your-face exposure during a by-election. It's their desire to push many more forests of trees through letterboxes than the opposition (the politician's equivalent of willy-waving). Whilst this deluge cheeses a lot of people off, it's an essential strategy when most voters in a constituency like Sedgefield won't have heard from the party from one decade to the next...

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Greg Stone said...

We felt the DST piece was a bit harsh as it happens. As it happened we were canvassing in Hurworth that evening (with Lord William Wallace) and had to walk down the main street back to where the car was. Given that the event was going on at the time we thought it would be rude not to pay a brief visit and support the local Scouts - even though it was raining heavily.