Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another poll blow for Sham Cam

In my drive to give maximum publicity to only self-serving polls, Channel 4 this lunchtime published a YouGov poll which showed that more than half of voters do not believe that Tory leader David Cameron is in control of his party.

Just 22 per cent of those questioned said Mr Cameron was in control of the Tories, compared to 52 per cent who said he was not.

In stark contrast, Gordon Brown was viewed by 62 per cent of voters as being in control of the Labour Party, while just 16 per cent said he was not. Almost half of those polled regarded the Prime Minister as "serious and trustworthy", but only 39 per cent could say the same about Mr Cameron.

There's a political truism that voters fix their impressions of political leaders early, and once they hacve done so, those early views are very difficult to shake off. Bad news for Sham Cam, I'm afraid. Defo time to pop down the bookies to put a fiver on an autumn snap poll, I think.


Aeres said...

As somebody of no particular political persuasion this is the type of thing that I really like about politics and find quite amusing.

Although I haven't got the evidence to hand I'd stake my last tenner on earth that you were saying that the Tory lead in the polls over the last year was due to a Cameron honeymoon period which wouldn't last. Now Brown is presumably going through the same thing it is because voters form their impressions early! Self-serving polls indeed! - Quality stuff! :-)

Referring to your previous post - I would assume that even if they wanted to it would be political suicide to get rid of Cameron now. Presumably a Conservative leadership election would leave the door open for Brown to call a snap election in the knowledge that the main opposition had no leader. I assume that this is possible and there is no ethical code of conduct that could prevent this?

Despite the fact you can get 8/1 on an election in 2007 I think I'll keep my money in my pocket for the time being. If you must have a 'heart rules the head' bet Nick a few quid on Bristol City to be relegated at 5/1 may be the way to go ;-)

Alien Dulce said...

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Bob said...

I believe that there are too many Scotsmen running England. It is high time we had a Scot free cabinet drawn from a party that had the needs of Englishmen as their raison d'etre.